Title: Cockatooz
Genre: branding
Client: the zoo of Cockatooz
My role: the logo, illustrations, font, posters, tshirts, cups, cardgame, interactive map of the zoo, signpost (cut out of wood)
project: one page website of consitution of The micronation Uzupis






As I made the branding for children, I made the design fun and playful. I also wanted to make the children curious when looking at the design and therefore chose to make minimalistic animals characterising the essence of the animal, allowing the children to guess what animal they’re seeing. The animals are also characterised by the perforated eyes. 

                      Posters designed for different events in Cockatooz

These t-shirts can be bought at the zoo. Children can run through the zoo wearing these t-shirts and feeling dressed up as their favourite animal! On the front of the shirt is the animal and on the back of the shirt is a quote related to the animal.

The signpost allows children to stand behind it and take pictures. The can peek through the eyes of the animal on the signpost. Besides for it being an attraction at the zoo, these signposts enable children to navigate through the zoo independently.

This Cockatooz map is designed especially for kids. It helps them navigate through the zoo in a fun and playful way. By every ‘set of eyes’ on the map, a new type of animal can be found! It is like playing hide and seek! When the child found another animal, he can stick the right sticker of the right animal on his personal own created map!