Title: HealthyMe
Genre: application
Platform: smartphone
Client: student that is too busy to plan healthy meals.
My role: illustration, animation, typography, layout 
project type: Design sprint!
project: eating habit tracker together with a timer to remind user when and what to eat.

When I started this new project, I first started to brainstorm as many ideas as I could think of. Once I had about 30 ideas, I did a visual brainstorming on my 3 best ideas. This was one of my visual brainstorms

After the visual branstorming, I started low level UX sketching for ideation. This I also did for the best ideas that I came up with. 

After the low level UX sketches, I moved on to check out what already exists in the market. I did a thorough, but quick market research, I inteviewed a few people and discovered the problem of healthy eating by students:

In the meantime I moved on with the design sprint and made my first design sketches! (of the 2 best selected ideas that I had).

After the low level UX sketches, I chose my final subject: healthy eating for students. Now I moved on to high level sketches. Here I made the framework of the actual app without any of its design in it. In this stage I realised that gamification would add a lot to the app:

By now I had defined the problem and the solution of my app:

The problem: It is hard for students to eat healthy. This is because they are very busy and stressed with their work. As a result, they have no eating pattern and just eat junk…

The solution: An app for students to enable them to eat healthy. The app has an alarm clock so that students can put it on their desk and keep on checking when they have a break and when their next meal is. The alarm clock will ring at brakfast lunch and supper time as well as break time, at the time one sets for himself. One can choose to snooze if necessary. After eating something, you tell the app what you ate by simply taking a picture of the food, recording a voice memo or by searching the specific food on the app. The simplicity of the app will make healthy eating fun!

After the high level sketches. I continued working on the design. I made a moodboard of the design and atmosphere that I wanted the app to have and continued from there. 

Now I started working on perfecting the actual design of the app! I fixed the illustrations changed the colors and solved the last few problems with the wireframe.

The screens of HealthyMe:

These are the main screens of HealthyMe. Description of screens from left to right: 

– Dashboard of your score of eating healthy.
– Tell the app what you ate by taking a picture, recording or search options.
– Timer/alarm clock that reminds you when it’s time for you to eat and it helps you to create a daily routine of eating.

Feedback and recommendation:

HealthyMe helps you to eat healthy by giving you feedback, advice and recommendations. By showing you the physical and mental benefits, you will be stimulated to eat healthy! Consequently, you will be able to achieve maximum energy and productivity in your work!


Once you managed to eat healthy/reach your goals after a specific amount of time, you earn a badge as a reward!