Title: Uzupis
Genre: one page website
Platform: website
Client: inhabitant of micronation Uzupis
My role: illustration, animation, typography, layout 
project: one page website of consitution of The micronation Uzupis



In short:
My project is a one page interactive website about the constitution of the micronation Uzupis. 

What and where is Uzupis?
Uzupis is a neighbourhood in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Uzupis is a popular place for artists, due to its bohemian and free for all atmosphere. On April 1, 1998, the district declared itself an independent republic (The Republic of Uzupis). They even have their own constitution. The way their constitution is written is humorous and self expressive. 

About the website
I chose to make an interactive website of the constitution of Uzupis, as that is what really depicts their values and beliefs of freedom, self expressiveness, and tolerance. I chose to focus on the freedom of thought and expressiveness of Uzupis in my project with both the techniques I used, the colors and also with the concepts of the actual illustrations and animations that I made. I made my one page website into a collage, as it enabled me to work freely and still be able to incorporate many details, icluding the feel of the place, its architacture, the people, their ideas, beliefs and humor. My keywords for this project were: random associations, colorful, humorous, eccentric and expressive. When hovering over the different people and objects in the website, you can see Uzupis coming to life!


Take a look at my long journey of discovering my final illustration design! These are all the sketches that I made: