Title: New Types
Genre: Digital Campaign
Platform: post, story, landing page
Client: Israel museum exhibition in Jerusalem
My role: typography, font, illustrations, animations, sound
project type: Exhibition

Background: The exhibition is about 3 Hebrew graphic design pioneers: Francesca Baruch, Henri Friedlander and Moshe Spitzer. They designed the Israeli passport, font Hadassa and more. They all grew up in Germany and eventually fled to Israel when the power of the nazis started growing. When they came to Israel, they took the German modern design with them. What characterised them was their craft and their modern approach to typography and design. These values inspsired me to design the title for the exhibition and the digital campaign with craft and modernism. 

Colors :The colors blue and orange are carefully chosen based on the content of the exhibition. The color blue corresponds to the Zionism that they represented. And from what I saw in my research, the color orange came back a lot in their works. 

Exhibition title:


Post with sound



Stories with sound



Landing page for Exhibition