Title: Eternal
Genre: index, chamber of curiosities
Platform: website
Client: arouse awareness of environment and sustainability in the world. 
Team: Dalya Green, Batsheva Mandel, Ruti Nachum
My role: all animations (index items, timeline), typography, layout

A little background

Starting point

This project was probably the most complicated project I ever did! The hardest part of it was defining our concept. Our starting point for our index was a movie called ‘Three Yossi’, a movie that touches the subject of poverty, violence, family and survival. The movie took up to various associations that led us to the subject of sustainability, the environment and climate change. Once we decided on a subject we started our research. 

These are some of my many flowchart sketches:


Before we were even able to start making the wireframe and flowchart, we did a massive research on the subject! We read and researched a lot of information about decay of items and its impact on the environment. Once we knew a little more about the subject we started reading and researching about specific items that were relevant to our index: Destructive, disposable items that endanger the environment. We took several different items made of different materials and made the flowcharts. These are the flowcharts we made:

The concept

Our project focuses on the subject of sustainability. We, people, have become accustomed to a life of practicalities and shortcuts. we consume and discard from left to right.

But we know (or care) little about the irreversible implications our consumeristic behaviors have on our planet and on our health.

These are some of the sketches of the lists I made of the many destructive disposable items we all have in our houses:

The problem

We identified a real lack of awareness on the direct impact our materialistic behaviors have on the planet and on our lives. Part of the impact is caused by the daily use of disposable household products.

The solution

We aim to provide awareness and clear information on the effects and irreversible implications the products we consume thoughtlessly are causing to our planet by:

– Engaging the user to be interested about the subject through an interactive and visually appealing platform

– Arising curiosity and hopefully awareness to get informed on each item’s damage

– Provising clear and relevant data about each item’s effects throughout its life cycle

The index

The format

The index is in the platform of a chamber of curiosities through an interactive platform.

The target audience

Our target user is a person who uses these items on a daily basis and is not necessarily interested in becoming informed on their impact.

Visual language

Visual language

Our target user was the modern and careless or ignorant western person who desires aesthetic and comfort over everything else.

In order to pull the user into our index we tried catching him in his desires by making the index at first site visually appealing, aesthetic and modern.


We created a timeline to visualise the amount of years it takes for the items to decompose. For this, we made a vertical and horizontal scroll in our index.




data visualisation

The next step was to actually teach the user awareness and understanding. We decided to use data visualisation and infographics to turn the dry data into an interesting and impactful experience. With this we hoped to keep the user engaged and teach him about a subject which he was never really interested in. 


Visual values

modern, aesthetic, desirable


Timeline sketches and sketches of buildup of item pages:

moodboard and first sketches of design:

Index pages different sort by’s:

Sort by: Random

Sort by: materials

Sort by: decomposition time

Item pages:

Index page: timeline and decay


Item pages: timeline and decay





This project I made together with Dalya Green and Ruti Nachum.
Below I will describe what each of us did in the project:


This was my part in the project:

– Collected and organised data of the capsule page 
– flowchart, wireframe
– Design of the index page with all the items together (using Cinema 4D)
– All the animations in the whole project (the index page as well as the item page) on adobe aftereffects
– The video of the whole project on adobe premiere pro


This was Dalya Green’s part in the project:

– flowchart, wireframe
– Collected, organised and summerised the data of capsule, t-shirt, bottle, air pods.
– Design of the capsule, t-shirt, bottle and air pods pages.
– Prototype on Figma 



This was Ruti Nachum’s part in the project:

– Design of the capsule, t-shirt, bottle and air pods pages.