disney website

DisneyWebsite Night Life The assignment was to take night pictures. I chose to take the pictures in the busiest corner of Jerusalem, the crossing of Bar Ilan and Shmuel Hanavi. Here I captures pictures of the busy and hectic night life of Jerusalem. 


Cinema 4dIllustration Cinema 4d I worked a little with the programme cinema 4d to create 3 dimensional illustrations and posters. This is what I did so far: A poster of Machu Picchu in Peru and an illustration of a bouquet of flowers.


Ukelele project Ukelele In this project I worked with my ukelele. In one of the projects I made a manipulation on the ukelele. For this I built a ukelele without a whole, taking away the purpose of the instrument itself. In my end project of the ukelele I built an installation of a ukelele that […]


IsometricsVector illustration Isometrics This isometrics illustration, illustrates a garage and a bakery together. This creates an interesting combination. I chose to illustrate the cars and bakery in a vintage way. The colors I chose also add to that atmosphere. 

piano guys

Piano GuysPoster and Disc cover Piano Guys I designed three posters and a disc cover for the music group Piano Guys. Piano Guys plays a combination of classical music together with contemporary music. In my design I focused on the piano sounds. The posters are designed for different cities of different countries. I chose the […]

Dating map

Dating mapJerusalem Dating map I illustrated a map of Jerusalem. In this map I pointed out the many different parks, hotels and activity places where one can go on a date. For example: King David Hotel, the Orient, botanical gardens, gan sacher, the zoo, places to bike, and many many more.

My portrait

My portraitPhotography My portrait In this project I took pictures of random people on the street at the Tayelet of Tel Aviv beach. I spoke to the people and asked them about themselves. If I discovered a similar character trait to that of myself, I asked them if I could photograph them. With the collection […]

Dreams booklet

Dreams Booklet Dreams I took the text of wikipedia of ‘dreams’ and designed it. My concept was surrealism, automatic writing, as dreams are unrealistic and often even surreal. I used automatic writing images and illustrations in my booklet. I also used quotes from well known surrealists such as Andre Breton.


PixelatedPhotography Pixelated In this project I chose an old picture I had and made a project out of it. I looked at the picture and saw that it was very pixelated. I therefore chose to focus on that as my concept. Consequently, I made several squares of pixelated colour palettes as my project.