new branding

COCKATOOZ BRANDING FOR A ZOO NAMED COCKATOOZ 01 The design is playful and arouses curiosity by the kids.

new packaging

CAIRO TEA TEA PACKAGING FOR BLACK TRADITIONAL CAIRO TEA 01 Design is based on the specific tiles in the city of Cairo. BIOSABUN PACKAGING for indian biological soap 02 The soap is made of Indian plants and flowers. SOCKS PROJECT ON THE CONSTITUTION OF MICRONATION UZUPIS 03 Interactive one page website of all the self […]

new game

TRUTH/DARE Boardgame of truth or dare 01 Illustrated game for kids of truth or dare

new posters

ISOMETRICS Poster COMBINING A BAKERY AND A GARAGE 01 Isometric poster. I chose to illustrate these stores together to create an unusual and interesting combination. SPIRITUAL CINEMA FESTIVAL ABOUT SPIRITUALITY 02 Poster with the programme for the festival. The typographic image on the poster reads ‘spiritual’ in Hebrew. PIANO GUYS POSTERS OF MUSIC FESTIVAL OF […]

new photography

HOMAGE PROJECT OF HOMAGE ON THE STYLE OF EDWARD WESTON 01 A series of 4 pictures accompanying a photograph of Edward Weston. NIGHTLIFE one of the busiest streets in jerusalem at night 02 The crossing of Bar Ilan and Shmuel Hanavi at night time. PORTRAIT Portraits of different people with different personaities 03 The people […]


Title: New TypesGenre: Digital CampaignPlatform: post, story, landing pageClient: Israel museum exhibition in JerusalemMy role: typography, font, illustrations, animations, soundproject type: Exhibition Background: The exhibition is about 3 Hebrew graphic design pioneers: Francesca Baruch, Henri Friedlander and Moshe Spitzer. They designed the Israeli passport, font Hadassa and more. They all grew up in Germany and […]


Title: EternalGenre: index, chamber of curiositiesPlatform: websiteClient: arouse awareness of environment and sustainability in the world. Team: Dalya Green, Batsheva Mandel, Ruti NachumMy role: all animations (index items, timeline), typography, layout A little background Starting point This project was probably the most complicated project I ever did! The hardest part of it was defining our concept. […]

Board game

Truth or Dare Boardgame This is a board game for truth or dare. I illustrated the board and the cards. I made the game colourful and with cute and humorous illustrations to add to the experience of the actual game. 


Women Campagn Women In this project I created posters and a flyer for a an exhibition. The exhibition was about women of today telling about their achievements. These achievements included women that made a career, yet struggled balancing it with their family life, as well as women that pursues their dreams only at a later […]